Individual Units for Unexpected Homeschoolers

While schools across the UK are doing a splendid job of providing resources for their students online, you may feel that your child needs a more personal approach.

Perhaps there's a unit they have struggled with in the past and would like the chance of looking at again? Or perhaps there is a subject that interests them on next year's curriculum and they would like a head start!

During lockdown we are offering our KS3 Maths and Science courses as individual units, so that parents who find themselves unexpectedly homeschooling can pick and choose just the bits of our courses that their children need. 

You will find below a list of our units. Each unit will come with an assignment which can be emailed back to the school for marking - your child will then be sent their results along with helpsheets for any area they have found particularly challenging. 

Each unit costs £14.50 for materials and marking, plus postage - contact the school directly via our website or email [email protected] to order the units you want.

Year 7 Maths

  1. Negative Numbers, Approximation, Fractions and Percentages
  2. Ratio, Percentages, Long Multiplication and Division
  3. Algebra and Algebraic Equations
  4. Graphs
  5. Symmetry, Angles and Reflections
  6. Rotations and Reflections
  7. Areas, Perimeters and Equivalents
  8. Tally Charts, Data Collection and Questionnaires
  9. Real World Graphs, Pie Charts and Averages
  10. Probability


Year 7 Biology

  1. Cells and Plants
  2. Reproduction and Nutrition
  3. Variation, Classification and Food Chains


Year 7 Chemistry

  1. Laboratory Equipment, Processes, Mixtures, Compounds and States of Matter
  2. Properties of Metals, Acids and Alkalis
  3. Rock Cycles and Earth Science


Year 7 Physics

  1. Circuits and Magnets
  2. Energy and Forces
  3. Waves and Space


Year 8 Maths

  1. Ratio, Percentages, Indices and Square Numbers
  2. Fraction and Decimal Equivalents, Multiplication of Decimals
  3. Algebraic Expressions, Equations, Multiplying out Brackets and Simplifying Expressions
  4. Algebra, Graphs and Patterns
  5. Angles in Triangles and Quadrilateralts and on Straight Lines
  6. Symmetry, Reflections, Rotations and Enlargements.
  7. Area and Circumference of Circles, Contructions, Volumes and Surface Areas.
  8. Tally Charts, Collecting and Recording Data
  9. Frequency, Grouped Data, Probability, Means, Range and Pie Charts


Year 8 Biology

  1. Classification, Circulation and Keeping Healthy
  2. Nutrition in Plants and Humans
  3. Reproduction and Food Webs


Year 8 Chemistry

  1. Properties of Liquids, Gases and Solids
  2. Reactions, Mixtures and Compounds
  3. Metals, Chemical Reactions and Earth Science


Year 8 Physics

  1. Forces
  2. Waves, Circuits and Magnets
  3. Energy and the Solar System


Year 9 Maths

  1. Decimals, Ratios, Negative Numbers and Indices
  2. Percentages and Fractions
  3. Algebra
  4. Graphs and Algebra
  5. Angles
  6. Pythagoras and Trigonometry
  7. Angles and Circles
  8. Presenting Data and Cumulative Frequency
  9. Probability


Year 9 Biology

  1. Cells, Biological Keys and Selective Breeding
  2. Inheritance, Nutrition and Health
  3. Respiration, Ecology and Food Chains


Year 9 Chemistry

  1. Matter, Density and Pressure
  2. Physical and Chemical Changes, Metals and Non-Metals
  3. Rock Cycles and Chemical Reactions


Year 9 Physics

  1. Light and Sound Waves
  2. Equilibrium, Time, Distance and Pressure
  3. Electricity and Magnets


To Order Units:

  • Make a note of the units you would like
  • Contact the school either via the Contact Us form or through [email protected] giving details of your unit choices and your child's name.
  • Information on how to make a payment will then be emailed to you.
  • Once payment is received we will post the Unit Materials to you along with the assignment which you can post or email back to the school upon completion.