ODLQC Accreditation

We are delighted that the school has received ODLQC Quality Assuranceaccreditation from the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council. This body was set up in 1969 to help learners identify good quality provision. It is the main accrediting body for open and distance learning and rigorously assesses course materials and outcomes, tutorial support and general administrative procedures. Accreditation is, therefore, a hallmark for quality in this field.

The school was awarded ODLQC accreditation to mark "the quality of their home-education services and support." Speaking for the ODLQC, Dr.David Morley praised the "high commitment of the school" and described the support offered as "having the personal touch, rather like a good village school."

For us it is vitally important that parents can feel confident that, by following our courses, they are providing a high standard of education within their own home and are able ,by 16, to equip their children with well recognised qualifications assuring them of access to higher education or employment opportunities. ODLQC provides reassurance and guarantees quality provision.
 Prince Charles meeting staff and students from Little Arthur Independent Sc

Quality Assurance 

A copy of our latest accreditation report from ODLQC can be seen on the ODLQC website. In it, the Chief executive, David Morley, states: "Little Arthur is an excellent example of how a small provider with understanding of education, and a clear commitment to quality, can develop a distance learning provision worthy of accreditation."

As part of the accreditaion process, courses - materials, support and marking - are assessed by experts in the specific subject area. Of our IGCSE English course, the assessor writes: "The materials are satisfactory in every way. Explanations of the course and the example materials showing what work is needed to achieve various grades are excellent and would leave both students and Home Educators in no doubt as to expectations." (There)" is good and interesting material throughout, with clarity of explanation and ease of use. It is clear that the specialist teacher is in full command of her subject and offers enthusiastic support.

Where a student has made errors, these are readily corrected with good explanation. All comments are encouraging and appropriate without being laboured. This is some of the best marking I have seen. There is clarity, consistency and, above all, good constructive criticism. The marks are absolutely on target and there are no confusions for the students or Home Educators."