Q.     When can I start a course?

A.             Courses can be started at any time. You are in charge of starting and finishing dates. You decide the rate at which you wish to work. You decide when you need to take a break. Our packs are here to help the home learner not to dictate when and how quickly learning takes place.

Q.          Are there any sample materials?

    A.         We do not provide sample materials. However, we allow ten days approval on all packs purchased. This means that you have the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the materials in the comfort of your own home. If you feel the course is not for you, you are welcome to return it to the school for a full refund of the pack price. We do ask that the course is returned in ‘as new’ condition.

Q.      Do you offer terms?

A.               The prices of our packs are already kept to the minimum. By arranging that all our marking can be done ‘in house’, and by keeping advertising to the minimum, relying instead on word-of-mouth recommendation, we aim to keep our prices at less than half of those of comparable courses, without sacrifice of quality. To offer terms would lead to increased administration and so place additional costs on the packs. We therefore are unable to offer terms and still keep prices affordable.

Q.            I have more than one child wanting to follow the course. Are there any savings I can make?

  A.          Once you have purchased the learning materials, we are able to offer assignments + marking or marking only packages at reduced prices. This allows courses to be re-used by younger members of the family and produces considerable savings.

Q.      Do you provide online contact?

A.               Our courses are correspondence courses and we have found that this means of learning is highly effective. We believe that comments written personally to students produce the best results and this is our standard means of course delivery. However if you have any questions or concerns we are available online to help.