Higher Maths

Higher Maths


home educators maths courseFor many colleges, universities, training schemes and employment opportunities, GCSE Maths is considered an essential entry requirement. Yet, for many, Maths is a very demanding subject. This is therefore one of the courses we offer at two different levels.

 Core Maths deals with the basics. It will allow you to achieve up to and including a grade C but, because the number of topics you cover is more limited, it allows you to concentrate more fully on these subjects. Our Higher course is much more demanding. This is for maths enthusiasts and those who like to rise to the challenge. Its scope is much greater and requires, we believe, twice as much study time. It will , however, allow you to achieve a grade A*. We recommend that only students who are achieving a level 7 at Key Stage 3 should contemplate this course. If you are uncertain of your level, many bookshops offer SATs papers which allow you to test yourself.

 For both Core and Higher courses, the final exams consist of two papers. Core students sit papers 1 and 3. Extended candidates take papers 2 and 4.


:  at  £265.00  each