Environmental Management

Environmental Management


  environmental managementThis is one of our most popular courses, ideal for home learners interested in the environment. It investigates how natural systems work - in the air, in water, on land and in living organisms. It then looks at how man has used and abused these systems and, finally, considers ways in which we can protect our world in the future. The course covers many diverse topics including Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain, the Rain Forests, over-fishing, over-population, the Green Revolution etc. and calls upon students to look positively for solutions both globally and locally.

There are many readily available videos to support learning and most areas of the country are able to offer a range of venues eg the Eden Project in the West Country, the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales for those wishing to include field trips.

The course is suitable for students 14+ and, as a rough guide, involves some 100 hours of study. Environmental Management is an ideal subject for anyone seriously interested in sustainable education. There are three exam papers for this subject to be taken by all students.

This course is only available to CIE students.





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